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What's a jodia.site?
Built on the Jodia System, a jodia.site is a machine that works online to build relationships with online visitors, turning them into loyal customers for your business! It's a four part system that starts with...
A beautiful site for your business!
The website is just the first part in the Jodia System, the thing that makes jodia.sites so great!

Your business needs a presence online! When people type your name into Google, they need to find you! A Facebook page is nice, but it's no replacement for a real website with a real URL. Yes, a jodia.site is a website where people can go to find you online, but it's so much more than that!

A jodia.site is a beautiful site that looks great no matter what size screen you are looking at it with! It is always up to date with your current information, and it makes it easy for visitors to know who you are, what you do, and how to buy your product or service!

But most importantly, a jodia.site is designed to get people onto your Follow Up List!
A Follow Up List that’s always growing!
Facebook lets you grow a list of people who "Like" your business, but you don't actually own that list, Facebook does.

That's why it seems so hard to actually communicate to your followers through Facebook. Facebook isn't looking out for your bottom line, they're looking out for their own.

The best way to communicate to your customers is to build a list that you control. The Follow Up List on your jodia.site is a list that you own and you control!

Plus, the your Follow Up List is always growing! Since your jodia.site is designed to get people to sign up for your Follow Up List, as long as you have new people trying to find you online, your list is always growing!
Automation that builds relationship!
What good is a list if you don't talk to them? But then again, what business owner has time to write posts and newsletters?

The Follow Up Automation built into the Jodia System is designed to build relationships and trust with the people on your Follow Up List! All of this happens in the background without constant input from you, the business owner! 

The Follow Up Automation happens through email and other means over the course of several weeks. It's not just a generic newsletter or a list of deals, we tell your story.

By doing this, visitors grow a relationship with you and your business and become customers who are way more likely to buy from you again and again!
New loyal customers for your business!
At jodia.media, we build jodia.sites that work in the background, automatically building a list and creating a following for your business. We're not looking to make a quick buck for your business, we're working to grow a following of loyal customers who come back to buy from you time and time again! This kind of customer base sees the ads and lower prices of your competition and laughs, because they've already decided that they're only going to buy from you!

The reason for all of this isn't to get you a nice website. The whole point of the Jodia System and your jodia.site is to create loyal customers for your business, in the background, out of sight and mind for you the business owner!

That's why we say, this isn't a website, #THISISAJODIASITE!
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Why Are You Giving This Away For Free?
I know that a jodia.site can help build small businesses, but I also know that money is often tight for these businesses as well. Since both money and time are as tight for me as they are for most businesses, I can't just give my time away for free. 

That's why I created the DIY jodia.site template! This is something I CAN give away for free to businesses who need it. 

You might be wondering, how can I make money giving it away for free?

Well, I receive an affiliate commission from ClickFunnels, the platform that the jodia.site template is built on. I also know that many of the people who get a free jodia.site will either get stuck and hire me to finish building it for them, or will hire me later on for additional services. 

But the most important thing for me is to get this online system into the hands of as many business owners as I can! 
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