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Looking For a New jodia.site,
But You're Not Up To Doing It Yourself?
Our goal at jodia.media is to help small business owners find new avenues of growth online. The first and one of the best avenues is your website. Switching from a regular website to a jodia.site is a move that will make a positive impact on your business! We want every business to make this switch, that's why we give DIY jodia.sites away for free! We also understand that not everyone has the technical abilities to build a DIY jodia.site. That's why we offer these Done For You options...
We Do Everything
This is our "hands off" solution! If you want your jodia.site built, managed, updated and optimized for you, this is the plan for you. You'll never have to lay a finger on your jodia.site!
  •  Hands Off: From building your jodia.site to managing your automated follow up, we take care of it all!
  • Optimized: We run A/B Split Testing to make sure that ever little piece of your jodia.site is optimized for conversions!
  • Changes Made For You: Any changes you need after the initial build are made in two weeks or less!
Starting at $300/Month
We Build, You Manage
If you want someone else to do the initial setup of your jodia.site, but you've got it handled from there, choose this plan! We'll build it, give you some instructions, then leave it to you!
  • We Build It: The hardest part of a jodia.site is the initial build. We take that weight off your shoulders!
  • You Manage: After it's built, you have all the resources to maintain, update and optimize your jodia.site! 
  • We're Always Here: If you break something or need any changes in the future, just let us know!
Starting at $3,000
We Help You Build
If you get stuck or are confused by our instructions, we'll help you out! From a Skype call to answer your questions, to logging in and fixing your mistakes, we'll help you however you need!
  • It's Still DIY: But we help you out when you need it!
  • Big Or Small: We offer a range of help from a simple Skype call to building whole extra pages for your jodia.site!
  • Just a Simple Question? If it's a really simple question, email us and we'll send you the answer at no cost!
Staring at $250
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